Building of a Bunkie

Everyone wants to be up at the Cottage.  The grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, and often a number of other visitors on the dock.  While you can keep the drinks and conversations flowing, you always could use more space…Enter the Bunkie.

Whether you just need a few more bedrooms, extra storage, or even a completely independent little home, McAulay Construction has some great ideas.

Take a look at the construction of these two Cabins.  Not only were they designed and built using the many expert trades in Muskoka, their location, sizing and positioning were expertly negotiated with the local planning departments to ensure they abided by all of the necessary requirements.  This can be a tricky process – but McAulay Construction has the right people in the right places to negotiate on your behalf.  It can make the difference between a broom closet and a glorious Cabin alongside your Muskoka Estate.

So, come on over…and bring some ice!